Monday, August 8, 2022

The Arch-itect

My husband wanted arches in the Master closet, and he learned to make them in drywall!

Lots of little cuts made it work. And a lot of screws!

(Yes, we know. Things like doors or windows not being centered often happened. How we missed things like that I don't know, it looked good on paper...)


Meanwhile downstairs the window bays were in progress, almost ready for the drywall pros to come back and start mudding. This area, too, received a lot of architectural thought and personal design elements. 

Lowered ceilings, shelves in the walls, it was going to be pretty. Practically, we also put charging stations in some of the shelves. 

We tried to utilize the thickness of the walls here and there, such as this front door cubby. It does not always work out to use the wall depth, and sometimes you just want a blank wall anyway! Blank walls and furniture give you more options than built-ins, and as much as I love the idea (and look) of built-ins I was more in the "give me options" camp. What is your opinion on built-in storage areas?


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