Thursday, January 21, 2016

Boys and Pockets

When boys discover pockets, their life changes.

The little toddler jacket pockets just barely hold little hands, but soon small stuffed animals, precious "knittens" (a better word for "mittens" I think!) and little objects crowd in, too.

Then, as little boys grow older, there is the string or piece of rope, the rock, the bit of wood, the screw, the Lego man, and other unrelated objects that are just pocket sized.

McGuffey's Reader's boys always have handy things in their pockets. Here, Willie kept a notebook, pencil, and string in his pocket, and it came in handy when he had to send a message home with the dog.

Soon a watch joins it all-- a watch that doesn't work somehow. And as chores come along in the life of a boy, so do small tools or nuts and bolts. It's always nice when there is pocket change, too. All of this is cushioned with a layer of hay.

The pockets grow as the boys grow, and then small "how to" books join the mix. I've seen a deck of playing cards and an old Walkman tape recorder, as well. But the handiest addition is the pocket knife. I don't know how many times I've been offered the aid of a boy's pocket knife. I don't need to own one myself, with all these handy boys about.

No doubt these boys keep harmonicas and other handy things in their pocket.

I have always been a bit squeamish about reaching into pockets at laundry-time, preferring to just squeeze them to see if there is something in them. I shouldn't be so afraid, as I've never seen a frog or bug or snake in a pocket. But, I have missed several things because I didn't do a thorough search, so I have washed and dried money, screws, bolts, and a hose-repair kit. I'm glad I haven't yet washed a Walkman.