Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tea Etiquette

This reminded me of my mother's little etiquette lessons before tea parties, however she would add a little bit to the part about the scone: instead of slathering the whole half with jam and cream, she recommended tearing off a bite-sized piece, and loading that piece with jam and cream. It is a wee bit neater than trying to take a bite out of a large scone. A side benefit is that you get more cream and jam per bite!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vintage Card Inspiration

A friend of mine recently got married, and I knew she liked things from the 1940's. So, I took an idea from one of the cards in my grandma's scrapbook to make my friend a wedding card.
Front of original card, c. 1940

Inside of card (the bride had made a note that she received a red, black, and tan tablecloth from the guests.)

The card is a large sheet of parchement-type paper folded in fourths, and has a circle cut in the front, lined with champagne/gold colored thin metallic paper, which also has a circle cut in it. The pretty cottage picture is on the inside of the card, with the verse.

My card is, of course, a little different, considering that I did not have the same materials, and I used what was on hand. I used card stock, and some silver paper I had, but I was pleased that I had the little cottage rubber stamp with a path that looked similar to the original image. I added a couple more stamped images and colored them with chalks. I thought about using scalloped scissors on the circles, as I could have imitated the original better, but I didn't trust myself-- I was afraid I would end up with funny ovals instead of circles! I guess I need to go buy some scalloped dies just in case I need them for a project like this:) And some shiny papers, while I'm at it:)

The rubber stamps I got a long time ago, but I suppose they could be found on eBay or Etsy these days. I'll list the details if any one is interested in trying to find them:
Scene: Stampendous P012-Country (1995)
Doves: Embossing Arts, no number or title on my block, and no date.
Roses: Emobssing Arts 832-J Roses/Corner 1992

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Don't Like Loosing Things.

One of the things that annoys me as I read websites, blogs, or even magazines nowadays, is the misuse of the word "loose" for "lose."  It's probably a mistake to blame on the spell-check feature of computers -- the words aren't misspelled so of course the spell check will not call attention to them. I'm sure most writers just miss the mix-up in proof-reading, as sometimes when you are writing and reading and editing (and typing too fast), you just don't see the mistakes until the article is published!  

I just wish the computer knew that we don't loose weight, we lose it. We don't loose things, we lose them!

And of course, we don't find that the knob is lose on a door... it is loose. I see the loose for lose mistake the most often, though.