Monday, April 1, 2013

Numbers Game

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Today at lunch, the children made up a game out of numbers. One would say a number, and the others would have to guess the significance of it. They were choosing numbers that were the ages of the family, or the numbers of certain elements (they are out to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements). We expanded the game further by guessing a number between 0 and 6,000, and then finding all the things we could think of that used that number. It was fun!

360= number of degrees in a circle
0= Celsius freezing point, and "the divider between positive numbers and negative numbers" as one boy guessed.
40= years of Israel's wanderings in the wilderness, days of the temptation of Christ, days it rained in Noah's flood, etc. Lots of these in the Bible!
300= degrees of a "slow oven."
1,611= year of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible.
1= one Lord, one faith, one baptism
1,776 = year of the Declaration of Independence
30= Jesus was 30 years old when he started his ministry
2= two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet....