Monday, March 30, 2020

My Coronavirus Predictions

I have not benefited from all the forced "down time" that people are enjoying, as my normal life at home is so busy that nothing has changed for me. But in the wee  hours of last night, when there was "sparetime, I decided to try a new talent out: prophesy. Let's see how I do.

My Coronavirus Predictions
(short term and long term, in no particular order other than how they came to me)

  • This will permanently change the way our society conducts business, holds school, etc., as  having a break from the everyday "rush" and sleeping in will be a relief to many and they will not want to go back to the stress. 
  • Since businesses will be more online and most people will opt to continue working from home, brick-and-mortar stores and offices will dwindle, perhaps being converted into apartments.
  • The nation's internet infrastructure will be extended and improved. Therefore, the next attack on the American People will be through their internet or infrastructure. 
  • The school system will re-structure and try to get their students back from the land of Sleeping In. There will be a huge push to get parents to cooperate (as in, go back to getting up early) and put their kids back in schools. This might take a lot of advertising, pressure, and/or new legislation. 
  • There will be more homeschoolers than ever, and more stay-at-home-moms long term. 
  • I haven't checked in on coffee sales, but they are probably going down in lock-down states where people are sleeping in. My prediction is that people will get used to no set schedules and sleeping when they want and how long they want, that they will need less coffee to stay awake. 
  • The majority of current office-holders will NOT be re-elected.
  • There will be a Baby Boom starting in January/February 2021, especially in the lock-down states. These future taxpayers will be the ones to pay for the 2 trillion dollar bail-out. 
  • Some parents are actually going to name their boomer baby boy "Covid" and their girl "Corona."
  • Right now, Americans are living off of fear. Especially our senior citizens. But in a few weeks Americans will tire of all this, and a sort of bravery will be born, better than endurance. Many women will be the first to be brave for their families, turn off the news and start to try to make a normal life for their families. Men will follow soon after and quit being afraid of getting sick and running out of toilet paper, and turn their mind to manly endeavors and new inventions to fill needs. Seniors will eventually find their resilient selves, except for many senior women, who are vulnerable to deep and lasting fear. It will take them longer to recover from the news.
  • Social distancing will be here to stay. Even the way we park our cars will change (as seen already by people social-distance parking). We didn't like the closeness anyway. We might start bowing to each other from 6 feet away, and the friendly wave will replace the hug. 
  • We will never, as a nation, run out of toilet paper.
  • Our kids will look at us (and our collecting habits...) the same way we looked at our grandparents who went through the depression. 
  • This spring will sprout more gardeners
  • Farmers and Ranchers will be the best off physically and mentally by the end of this.
  • Freedoms taken away will never come back. More orders will come down the pike to keep us in practice of doing things en masse. 
  • There will be found new freedoms that we didn't know we had. 
  • Blogging will increase.
  • YouTube will start charging people to start a channel.
  • Hyperactive kids are getting more sleep and more play time. Some will be medicated a little less here on out.
  • The majority of people in the nation will take the new vaccine for the 2019 virus at the end of 2020, and the social pressure to do so will be immense. 
  • Instead of just thanking God for our food, we'll ask Him for it in the first place. 
  • There will be more socialization than ever in person (as a reaction to everything being cancelled now), but it will be rather awkward as we will be a nation of germophobes.
  • People will be thinking about their health, their wallets, and physical safety but still won't think about their souls.