Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding a church

Many ladies that have decided to make their home their career, who are enjoying home- schooling, home-making, homesteading, etc., wish to find a place to worship where other women share these values. Many are sorely disappointed to find that at church, other women do not hold these ideals, do not understand them, or feel that they are not important. It can be quite a blow to find out that, after all the sacrifices you make to try to be a wife and mother to the glory of God, that you have no moral support in your church.

Thus, many ladies have wondered, where does my family find a church that embraces these values, where I can feel comfortable, accepted, and supported in what I do?
Feminism has come into churches all around the world. You could go to all the churches in your area, and perhaps find one "Proverbs 31 Titus 2" woman in each congregation. You many not have a church in your area that is supportive of your home mission. You may find it difficult to uproot your family and move across states just to find a church like this.

The first priority in looking for a church is your soul. Find a church that is following the doctrines that the first century church followed. Read the book of Acts, the history book that records the beginning of the church, and the instructions God gave through the New Testament letters. Compare the churches to that. And then, if you find several in your area, it may be worth the drive to attend a church that is not only trying to follow the simple New Testament pattern, but that is more suitable for your family.
That does not mean that you will find one that supports the homemaker, or home-schoolers, or can encourage you and your husband in being a one-income family. But, keep in mind that the church is supposed to try to remain close to what God wanted it to be in the first place, and that if you can find a church that is striving to restore New Testament Christianity, in doctrine and living, that your presence, example, and teaching there may be what they need to help them restore the role of women as taught in the New Testament as well.

Jesus instructed, "Let your light shine," and that will be one of our missions as homemakers, to let our light shine and "brighten the corner" where we are. Be an example to others, be cheerful, be smiling, meet disapproval by "letting your gentleness be known to all men." It will cause people to stop and think. You may not realize that some people are actually on your side, they just don't know it yet!