Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Home

Editor's note: I have heard the word "occupy" so much in the news lately, I am getting rather tired of it! But to make note of the recent events, as is the wont of bloggers, I present to you Several reasons to occupy your own home:

  • Keeps you off the streets. 
  • Keeps you out of jail (as long as you have no vices).
  • Keeps you healthy-- instead of pizza and donuts from who knows where (maybe corporations) and containing who knows what, you can make your own from organic ingredients from your local farmer's market. Have you ever tried to make home-made raised donuts? Mmmm!
  • A house is sheltered from wind, rain, and snow, if you happen to keep the shingles on your roof nailed down. 
  • You can take a bath with hot running water, and wash your clothes as needed.
  • You can have your voice heard whenever you want. You can call your Representatives,  newspapers, etc. as many times as you wish, from the comfort of your own home. You can leave messages on your relative's answering machines, so they can hear your voice, too. You can even post opinionated signs on your own front lawn.
  • You can decide what enters your own home, and boycott any company you choose. 
  • You can stuff your money under your mattress, instead of giving it to bankers. 
  • You can protect your property: Experts tell us that un-occupied houses, which show no sign of life therein, are more frequently the target of robbers. 
  • If you are at home, you can feed your pets and care for your animals. If you do not have your own cat or dog, you can adopt one from the local animal shelter and give them a happy home. 
  • You can recharge your i-phone with ease.
  • You can invent all kinds of cottage industries. One young girl I know impressed the local fire dept. so much with her delicious cooking, they paid her to bake treats for them. 
  • You can relax with a hobby, that can be fun, useful or profitable, and exercise the "creative you."
  • You can clean your house without a group effort (you hope) and whenever you want to do it. 
  • Saves your voice: You do not have to talk if you do not want to in your own home. No repeating phrases over and over again-- you can say just what you want, when you want, and yell or not yell as you please. 
  • Saves your hearing-- you can turn off the phone, radio, tv, and other electronics as you wish, and ask loud company to leave. 
  • Lowers your blood pressure: you can spend some time hyped up if you want, and then spend some time quietly relaxing when you feel the need to, with no one goading you on to constant 24/7 upset. 

So as you see, there is much freedom in the home should you occupy it as intended.

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Fall cleaning must be a virus. I caught it myself, when I was all ready with plans to sew and instead I ended up sorting boxes, culling and organizing bookshelves. I suppose the only way to avoid catching it is to leave home and camp out somewhere for a couple of weeks. Hmm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Housework As A Reducing Exercise

This article came from the pages of a 1919 issue of Modern Priscilla magazine. Unfortunately, my scanner is too small to scan the entire page, so I barely got the article on here for you, and was not able to include the vintage ads that were with it. However, I think some will perhaps find some handy tips here, or at least  derive some amusement from the article, and who knows, maybe it works!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

If I Had My Way

This song, written in 1913, is sung beautifully in this recording.