Thursday, December 26, 2013

Not Missing Out

Still Life with Fruit and Champagne

I hope my readers had a Very Merry Christmas! And now New Year's Eve is coming! I have been enjoying all kinds of tasty treats-- and drinks. With all the delicious, sweet, and sparkly juices on the market, I wonder why people think they have to have alcohol to make an occasion special. With good company, good conversation, and some delicious food, one cannot fail to have a good time-- no drunkenness required. 

It disturbs me to see Christians partaking of alcohol socially, just because they say they can, when it is not in the least bit necessary. We live in the 21st century-- there are so many more beverages to choose from. Why would a Christian want to dump such stuff down their throat and dull their brain, when they could keep their mind extra sharp so they can enjoy and edify others? If you take one drink of that junk, you are one drink drunk. Best not to get in the habit of taking any.

If you feel that you are missing out, that is no excuse. One can find fancy glasses to serve juice in to make the dinner table sparkle; and any juice is delicious well chilled. A plus of keeping your table sober is that the whole family can be present at a party where no alcohol is served. Children can benefit from seeing that adults can have a good time in their right mind, and that glasses of juice, pop, or mugs of cocoa are for keeping your throat from going hoarse when you are having so much fun talking with one another. Life can be enjoyed without spirits or substances.

If certain kinds of beverages are kept for special occasions, they will be special to your family. Sparkling grape juices and apple juices are abundant at holiday times, and fancy cocoas will do as well. If your family does not regularly drink soda pop, that can be a treat in a fancy glass over ice.

If you feel like you need to serve something different and rare, why not serve guests ultra-fresh juices? When did you last enjoy the sweetness of fresh squeezed and clarified orange juice (I mean the kind you make yourself)? Or gourmet juices and waters from the fancy food markets? I knew a fellow who was taken to a fancy restaurant as a company trip. While everyone else from the office was busy getting drunk, he ordered a tall glass of very, very expensive and gourmet fresh-squeezed orange juice (probably hand-squeezed by some famous international chef). He thought he had the best drink of anyone there!

Set for Coffee

Those with a craze for coffee can find fancy coffees and coffee makers, and that brew is a strong enough one for anybody.

But let's not forget tea!

Set for Tea

If you are going to stay up to see the New Year in, you need a good strong cup of tea. Drinking from a thin bone china teacup, exquisitely painted, which contains perfectly brewed tea (made with boiling water), served by a gracious hostess in her right mind (not drunken) is a superb pleasure in life.
Set for Display

And remember--Tea cheers and invigorates, but does not inebriate.

Perhaps, if people feel the need to serve or take alcohol at parties and special occasions, they need to examine the company they are keeping. If you think you need a drink to relax, then maybe your company is too stressful. If you think you can't have a good time with your friends unless you are all drinking together, or if the guests are so dull or insipid that you have to get drunk in order to talk to them, enjoy them, or endure them, you need to find new friends.