Sunday, November 11, 2012

Needing Time and Space

It is upsetting to see how fast time flies by; it seems like I just get settled in to the new year when it is half-way over already! I have only enjoyed my favorite season, Autumn,  for a few moments before realizing that the year is nearly over--and there is so much left to do! When I was out shopping in October, I was reminded by the aisles of glittering ornaments that the Christmas Rush would soon be upon me. Stores that start decorating for the next holiday two or three months ahead of time just aggravate me-- just about the time you get started with your summer, they run back-to-school sales. Just as soon as Christmas is over, they pull out the valentines. Give us a moment to catch our breath please!

Yesterday I modified my opinion on that subject though-- it was a cold day in the low 40's, windy, and drizzling. The light left us early, and it just felt like one of those "let's go see the Christmas lights" kind of evenings. So my family went to a store that had Christmas trees on display, and had a relaxing and enjoyable evening, 50 days before Christmas and long before we think of setting up a Christmas tree at home. The weather makes me think that even though it is still Autumn, we need the lights and sights of Christmas as the days get darker.

Thanksgiving, though, is in the way. It is the Official Holiday Hurdle one has to jump before one can get in the Christmas Festivity mood. I am, of course, thankful, but I think that Thanksgiving ought to be moved. After all, Thanksgiving is linked to celebrating the year's bounty, and the harvest is long over by the time the end of November comes. The harvest happened back in October. We decorate our Thanksgiving tables using colorful leaves and Autumn themes, but the leaves were still on the tree and showing their beautiful colors back in October. The weather was clear and cool, but not bone-chilling rainy cold, back in October. Autumn was at its finest back in October. Why can't we have Thanksgiving Day in October? We don't have to have it the same day that the Canadians do; I suggest we get rid of halloween and replace it with Thanksgiving Dinner. There would be a bigger space between the two major holidays. Then we can start November preparing in a more relaxed way for Christmas. It would give hostesses more time to plan holiday parties, give crafters more time to make gifts, and let us get over a nasty cold or two before traveling or having company over.

I'm not suggesting this for the benefit of stores and commercializing Christmas, but as a way to keep sane-r and gain a little more time at the end of the year!

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