Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moving Walls

Here's a great idea for small spaces-- movable walls!

Just think of the possibilities! Even if you have an actual house instead of a little apartment, a moving wall could make a room so much more useful! I am imagining:

~A craft room with movable walls-- move a wall to put away the sewing and pull one out to start paper crafting. All storage is built in, with pull down desks and fold-out inspiration boards, little drawers for little thing and large shelves for large things. and even built-in lights where they are needed.

~A toy wall in a child's bedroom. A Lego wall, a dollhouse wall, an art wall, etc. When it is time for clean up you can say "Alright, children, put your walls away."

~Two library walls, facing each other. If you want a book, pull them apart, and there you have a little library room all neat and tidy, and the books won't get dusty. Maybe there is a fold-down bench with cushions built in, too.

~What about an extra baking center wall in the kitchen? What looks like a breakfast nook could actually be extra kitchen work spaces in disguise. What about a wall to permanently  house all the counter-hogging appliances?

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