Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree Inspiration part 1

It is fun to go to our favorite home improvement center and see the Christmas tree display! One of the self-described "Elves" there graciously allowed me to take pictures to share with my readers. 
(I do apologize for the often blurry photos--the result, I believe, of a certain short person tugging on my other hand. Just pretend you are a Christmas tree artist, who steps back and squints at the art, only I've done the squinting for you.)

The themes of these trees are to do with nature and the outdoor life. 
I really liked this bird-themed tree!  

Owls were abundant this year, as you will see.

Cardinal lights!

A forest themed tree. The large silvery ornaments give thw impression of pine cones.
And look at these pine-cone lights!
I'm not too fond of owls for decorating, but this one is so cute:) 
Owl lights!

A waterfall on display near the nature trees.
Anyone want to buy a bear?

A tree topper for a forest themed tree.

A fishing-themed tree. I like the "Welcome to the Cottage" sign. The signs in the trees are really a neat idea. 

Part of the fishing tree. 
This tree was cowboy-themed. 
Boot lights!

Along with each tree's theme, there are snowflakes scattered about. More good ideas to come tomorrow so check back in!

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