Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree Inspiration part 3

It is fun to go to our favorite home improvement center and see the Christmas tree display! One of the self-described "Elves" there graciously allowed me to take pictures to share with my readers. 
(I do apologize for the often blurry photos--the result, I believe, of a certain short person tugging on my other hand. Just pretend you are a Christmas tree artist, who steps back and squints at the art, only I've done the squinting for you.)

These are some of my favorite trees-- with the themes of snowy days and Christmas fun. 

Lots of very big ornaments on this one! And lots of candy-- calorie-and-sugar-free!

The full-length photos of this blue-and-white tree were too blurry, but here are a few of the ornaments on it. Above, a chandelier. 
I really liked this wedgewood-blue reindeer ornament!

Lots of giant snowflakes on this one. I'm not sure about that idea, but I do like the scrolly- "Merry Christmas" sign. 
This was a cute little tree! A lot of the ornaments are made of felt and are very old-fashioned. 
More birds!

This pretty gold tree (the full length photo was, alas, very badly done) had a snowy "home for Christmas" theme. 

A tall, thin tree that had quite an opulent theme of golden, fairy-tale ornaments. 
A golden glittered swan.
Cinderella's slipper?

The "home improvement" tree I think-- judging by the little red ladders! 

More candy! I'm getting fond of that idea...
Cute little red lanterns were on the tree as well. 
I saved one of my favorites for last-- the snowman tree. 
Cute little cuddly snowmen all over it (can you call snowmen cuddly??)
And these really big, non-melt snowballs! 

How can you help but smile:)

That's all folks! Thanks for coming along with me for the "tour!"
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