Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree Inspiration part 2

It is fun to go to our favorite home improvement center and see the Christmas tree display! One of the self-described "Elves" there graciously allowed me to take pictures to share with my readers. 
(I do apologize for the often blurry photos--the result, I believe, of a certain short person tugging on my other hand. Just pretend you are a Christmas tree artist, who steps back and squints at the art, only I've done the squinting for you.)

These trees have various themes. 
This was the "new" tree-- newlywed, new baby, new house. Sparkling white ribbon wraps this one, and there are a lot of house ornaments. This was a table-top sized tree. 
Also there were white "berry" clusters (little snowballs?) filling up the spaces in this tree. 
This photos is really blurry, but I put it here so you can see the overall color scheme. Rich golds, reds, and purples are on this nativity-themed tree. 

Next to the Nativity tree is an angelic tree-- this one is a tall and skinny table-top tree. 

The nutcracker tree. Last time I saw astronaut nutcrackers here--
--this time there was a firefighter nutcracker!
A small music-themed tree,
with beautiful miniature instrument ornaments.
This wasn't on a tree, but was an interesting piece. It is a giant ornament, with a little winter scene inside with moving parts-- it was fun to look at. 

A doghouse-top tree (instead of table-top). Pet ornaments were on this one!

Here is another display-- great big sparkling ornaments, along with others, all grouped together. 
Check back in tomorrow for part three!
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