Friday, December 16, 2011

The Pleasant Times' Printable Christmas Village

I hope The Pleasant Times' readers have enjoyed their free printable Christmas village!

You can make these as elaborate (by adding lots of glitter and cut-out pieces) or as simple as you please. They are also good to print out to keep little hands busy while you are wrapping presents or finishing up a project!

Here is the master list of links to each printable PDF, and a link to each blog post if you would like to see photos of how they look all made up.

The Meeting House and Woods (PDF page) (blog post for the Meeting House ) (blog post for the woods)
The Village Shops (PDF page) (blog post)
The Village Houses (PDF page) (blog post)
The Farm (PDF page) (blog post)

2021 Note: I am getting a lot of requests for access to the files ("request to view" in Google Drive or Docs).  As far as I can see on my side, the files are still freely accessible, on the "public" setting and should be downloadable without having to ask. I am not sure why this is not the case for everyone, but if that is not the view you are getting, feel free to contact me. I try to answer all requests ASAP, thank you for your patience!

Here are some ideas of how to display your Christmas Village.
You can line them up all in a row on a shelf, mantel, or the window-sill (or two!);
you can put each section on different shelves in a bookshelf, and pretend they are different "streets:" a street of houses, a village street, and the country road;
 or you can scatter them around the room for interest.

I put a short string of Christmas tree lights behind mine; you can also put the LED plastic tea lights behind each one to make a glow.

When you are done with them for the season, you can fold them flat and put them in an envelope for next year. Or, you can cut out the centers and glue them on next year's Christmas cards!

Thanks for visiting! Merry Christmas!

You can now print out a mountain scene to put behind the village.

Informational post here

Mountain and Skater Here

Mountain Sides here

Thank you for your interest in The Pleasant Times' Christmas Village! You may print the village out for free; if you felt it was useful to you,  please consider donating to help fund my craft room:)