Monday, December 1, 2014

The Pleasant Times Christmas Village Mountain and Skater Additions

2022 Note: I was getting a lot of requests for access to the files ("request to view" in Google Drive or Docs).  No matter how I updated the settings I still had to manually approve many people. Therefore for this year I have moved the PDF to a new hosting platform so the updated links will take you there. It is still FREE and should be accessible to you all 24/7 without waiting on me to approve you!
Happy December! I'm very happy to announce that there are now some extra pieces to the popular Printable Christmas Village!

To give the village a little more depth, you can now print out this mountain background to put behind the village. There is also a little skating girl, which can be put in front of the village, though properly she should be put up as side piece to the town. (Mountain and Skater Here
Mountain Sides here)

The mountain is named "Mt. Merry Christmas." The credit for that name goes to one of our Field Editors, who is great at "discovering" and naming mountains. He graciously allowed me to borrow this unique name for my village mountain.

 If you are just starting with the village, you will want to edit the town and home pieces a bit. I would suggest cutting out the sky where you can, or just leaving it white. As you can see in the above photo, my original village had a snowy night time sky. I still think it looks great with the mountains in the background!

 Here we finally have a person in the village; I'm not terribly good at drawing people so until that changes this is all you get! Lest you think she looks lonely, let me assure you that she is not the only person in town. This little lady is the proprietress of the cocoa shack, and waiting for the other villagers to come out for an hour of skating under the stars.
 For a simple village, you can just color and cut the piece out. You can add glitter for a step up. If you print one more piece, you can cut one up and layer them on the other so some elements "stand out" more.
 Here is the skater with all of the above. The skater and pond are layered, the little cocoa house and a few of the Christmas trees are also layered.
 You can do the same thing to Mt. Merry Christmas, and the more copies you print out, the more layers you can do! Here I did two layers: the middle hill and the trees are separate layers.
 I hope you can see it better from this photograph what I'm talking about. If you print out one more, you can make the tall trees another layer. These trees are really tall- they are as tall as ship's masts.

Of course, you can leave it one layer and glitter it and it will still be lovely.
Once you have done as much as you want to do, you can tape the side pieces to Mt. Merry Christmas, and fold them inward slightly, so that the mountain ranges will stand up for you. 

You will notice one little moose/deer/elk (or maybe a new species!) who has ventured out of the woods. Perhaps he isn't afraid of the hunters since they are all at home by their warm fireplaces!

On the other side, there is a waterfall and a stream that isn't quite frozen up yet.

I will be adding these links to the original Christmas Village posts as well.

Enjoy and have a Happy December!

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If you have made up the Christmas village I'd love to see a picture! You can email me at 
"the pleasant times @ gmail . com" (no spaces)