Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Village part four: Over the River and Through the Woods

2022 Note: I was getting a lot of requests for access to the files ("request to view" in Google Drive or Docs).  No matter how I updated the settings I still had to manually approve many people. Therefore for this year I have moved the PDF to a new hosting platform so the updated links will take you there. It is still FREE and should be accessible to you all 24/7 without waiting on me to approve you!

Part Four of our printable paper Christmas Village!

Remember the Woods from the printable in the first post, that printed out with the Meeting House? I said we would use them later on. Now you can add the woods to your Christmas Village (if you haven't already!)

 (If you did not print out the first part of the village, or lost the woods part, here is the link to the PDF printable.)

When you leave the village, you'll go through the woods to the countryside. Maybe that is Grandmother's house behind all the trees!

This is what I did with mine:
 I cut around each tree for interest, but you can just cut straight across and color in the sky to make it simple. All the trees are covered in snow, which cuts down on the amount of coloring you have to do, but of course if you want to color them in you can.
I used big chunky glitter over Elmer's glue on mine-- I imagine each tree has about six inches of snow on it, and about a foot of snow on the ground, and the chunky glitter worked delightfully for that effect.

You can cut out more trees to layer with mounting tape for dimension, and also cut out an extra stone bridge and mount it over the other one. You can mount another Christmas tree over the other as well, but I chose to do another effect on mine. I took a straight pin and poked little holes where the string of lights are. When there is light behind the woods, the lights on the tree "turn on!"
The Christmas tree really stands out with no snow and its string of lights! (Don't ask me how the lights are working out in the woods-- probably a really long extension cord, or battery pack, or a hidden generator! Or maybe they are solar!)

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