Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Village part five: Country Farmhouse and Barn

For those of you anxious to finish up your village, the printable PDF for the last two pieces are here.

The last bits to add are the barn and farmhouse!
The PDF for the last two pieces are here.

The PDF for the last two pieces are here.

I added paper windows in place of the cardstock windows, and here is what my barn looks like with the light shining through:
 And the farmhouse:
It wasn't until I printed this out and started to color it, when I realized that something was missing... a wreath on the door! I forgot to draw one, so you will have to add that yourself:)

I also did not mount any extra bits on, but were I to do that, I would cut out an extra sled for the house, and an several extras to the barn: the wagon wheel, barn star, the pump and the sheep behind the fence and haystack piece. Foam mounting tape is ideal for it, but I had success with just regular tape rolled up, too.

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Thank you for your interest in The Pleasant Times' Christmas Village! You may print the village out for free; please consider donating to help fund my craft room:)