Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Village part three: Houses

Here are a couple of houses to round out the village (click here for part one and here for part two, here for part four and here for part five). There will be a country scene next, so check back this week!
 This house (Click here for the PDF printable) is a cozy cottage, with a pie cooling in the kitchen, and gift wrapping going on in the library. The house glows in the snow with lots of Christmas lights! I colored my copy with crayons, but saved the Christmas lights for some bright bold markers, so they would stand out. On the printable, there is also a side yard with a snowman, and two kittens playing.
This is a grand house (Click here for the PDF printable), which could be all lit up for a Christmas party, I suspect. I felt there were enough lines in this drawing, so I did not add any more detail to the windows for you, but you can color in red velvet curtains, or evergreen swags (as I did with markers) and of course put lots of glitter snow on the windowsills! There is a garden on one side with a garden shed, and a mailbox on the other side for Christmas cards.

Here is the grand house, all lit up. This time I used markers on the paper behind the windows for the Christmas tree and the swags I added to the windows. I think it stands out really nicely when the lights are behind it.

Click here for the PDF printable. It will take you to a Google Drive page. There is a printer button icon, which you can click, or of course you can go to the "file" menu and get "print" from there.

As you can see, my village is getting quite long! The two houses can be displayed on either side of the village shops, together on one side or the other, or by themselves. I did not want to glue them to the village shops as it would be too long to move and store, but of course you can attach them if you like.
I did the same cut-out and glue-paper-behind windows, and mounted some features as I described in the last post. On the yellow cottage, I mounted another front porch, and another snowman and tree over the printed ones. I'll try to add a better photo later on!

I'm listening to "Sleigh Ride" and other Christmas songs as I am glittering and posting these houses! It makes an enjoyable evening. Print enough out for the children to color, too!

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New! Mountain background and skating figure here.

Thank you for your interest in The Pleasant Times' Christmas Village! You may print the village out for free; if you feel that it was useful to you please consider donating to help fund my craft room:)