Friday, August 31, 2012

Laundry Thankfulness

Two Little Girls Help their Mother with the Laundry on Washday

Two Little Girls...

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I get fed up with some of the laundry. Maybe frugality can be carried too far. Or maybe being 'green' can be carried too far. Maybe it is because homeschoolers don't have to go buy "school clothes" every year at a set time. My grandparents went through the Great Depression-- I have inherited the "scotch thrift." Whatever reason, the clothing around my house stays around my house until it is completely worn out, and cannot be patched or revised or borne any further. 
I found myself today almost singing over a package of new socks, and they weren't even for me! The song went something like 
"Oh, I don't have to wash 
those old crummy socks 
any mo-re! 
I can put them 
in the gar-bage!"
That's right; I can now toss those socks that retained their "new" look for only  a few days before they became encrusted in dirt that never, ever let go!

But that is not to say I throw everything out when it is time to, oh no. I actually look at the fraying, beaded up knit shirt to see if there is something I can salvage from it. Most likely it will become a rag. Anything that cannot become a scrap, or a rag, can also be given to someplace that takes fabric for recycling. Still, I am sooo happy when I can finally say goodbye to something worn out, and replace it with something soft and new! Perhaps it sounds trivial, but since everyone on earth has to (or at least ought to!) wash clothing, is there anything wrong with finding something in it to sing about?
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