Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Saturday

I thought our readers might like to have a glimpse into Saturday here at the Times offices.
Food Editor Bessie Baker Cook is being tempted by this cake on the Chocolate calendar. The calendar was a great addition to the kitchen, but it is hard to resist making the desserts featured! This one has 6 eggs in it, and eggs are protein, so that makes this good for you, right? Maybe for breakfast?

The cookbook on the left was given to our Food Editor by her grandmother.
She uses it all the time and won't give it up until she dies.
So she was quite happy to spy another copy of the book  at a lovely shop
(although the edition is a few years older, it is essentially the same book)
to save as a gift for her little apprentice.
Craft Editor Miss Paste is wondering what kind of card to do first
with her new Cuttlebug folder. 
The Editor is enjoying this  new book by the blogger at
Large Family Mothering. 
Our reporter was quite miffed to have had her name sold to a mailing list
that markets such low-down publications such as this. After all,
everyone knows that The Pleasant Times should be the 
publication for perusal at quiet moments
(and should be in every doctor's office in the country).
So she decided to go find a tract to put in the reply envelope. 
I know, that is not what it is intended for. She gets in these feisty moods sometimes.
She chose a couple of sermons to send off in the envelope Monday,
to surprise some lucky desk clerk. 

And our sewing editor, Miss Thread, has discovered that this method of getting old stains out really works! If only she had taken a "before" photograph of the hand knit wool sweater with 30 year old stains on it, that after two days of soaking came out clean! She has spent the afternoon putting stained dresses and clothing in to soak.

That's a glimpse into our busy Saturday. Hmm, I think it is time for tea and cake now.

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