Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shopping Observed

This may not be true for all, but it is for some I know!

Guys out shopping:
"May as well get what we need while we're here" 
They proceed to put it two or more of everything, 
so they won't have to come back in a long time
(they do that with groceries, too, on a bigger scale). 
Two big packs of socks, 
two shirts the same style, same color, 
two pants the same color, 
One trip to big store in town= maybe a couple gallons of gas.

Gals out shopping:
"Oh dear, I'd better not spend all that money;
 I should be frugal;
 I'll go home and think about it." 
They drive home,
think about whether they really need it or not, 
go back the next day to take another look. 
Can't make a decision.
Go home to think about it some more. 
Go back again and buy the item, 
but only one. 
Then after a week of wearing it or living with it, they say "I think I may get another..." 
Drive back to the store to see if there are any left.
Buy one in a different color. 
Four (or more) trips to big store in town= empty gas tank.
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