Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teacup Thursday: Fair Winds Saucer

I have a new "orphan" saucer to share with you today. It caught my eye at the thrift shop. It isn't fine china, and I passed it up at first, but I circled back for another look.

On one side of the saucer is a picture of  tall ships in "New York Harbor 1830" 

And on the other, the eagle with "E Pluribus Unum." 

The back says "Fair Winds, Permanent Colors, made by Alfred Meaken, Staffordshire, England."

Here is a website with more Alfred Meaken china. After doing a little research, I realize that my "find" may not be an antique. It could even be from the 1970's, and since I'm from the 1970's too, I'm not even going to call it "vintage" until I find out more!

The saucer has been photographed on this lovely quilt made by Annabelle. The log cabin pattern done in cool blues and greens is perfect for the hot weather-- takes down the temperature a few degrees just looking at it! 
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