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Uses for Laundry Baskets

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There are many uses for a laundry basket-- every household could benefit by having several!
Here are some of the uses for a good, sturdy laundry basket:
The laundry, of course-- dirty, clean, wet or dry.
Storage-- for sheets, blankets or pillows. Good for toys, too.
Quick Cleaning-- a sort of storage system for the mess for later. Here's how: take several baskets, and designate one for cloth, one for paper, one for toys, one for books, etc. Have the children sort & toss. Then when you have time later, sit in an easy chair and pull up one of the baskets to sort. Or if you are in a big hurry, you can take a basket and throw everything into it, and sort it later. Children can sort it or they can be "gophers" and run the doll back to the toy room, the book back to the shelf, the sweater back to the closet, etc.
Toting-- put one in the trunk of the car when you go shopping. Load the grocery bags into it for a smooth ride home (no rolling milk jugs) and to make it easy to carry it all in at once when you get home.
Family Picnic Basket-- nice a roomy to take everything with you on a family picnic
A Car-- every child loves to crawl into a laundry basket to take a ride! Or take the toys for a ride.
Portable Sewing Room-- if you have to take a sewing machine and set it up in the dining room, you can put it in the basket, and your project, too, and store it out of the way during mealtimes.
A "Bushel" Basket-- use a laundry basket to hold the harvest of potatoes or apples.
A Napping Place-- maybe the cat needs its own laundry basket and soft blanket for napping in, instead of on top of the clean clothes.
A Gift--Don't forget that a nice, sturdy laundry basket makes a great present, for a wedding shower, housewarming, or baby shower (one extra person in the house, no matter how small, requires another laundry basket).
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