Friday, November 5, 2010

That Guy

A Note from the Pleasant Times Etiquette Lady Miss Rose

Today, the 5th of November, marked the anniversary of the day that Guy Fawkes was supposed to have blown up the English King and Parliment. He was found out, fortunately, as well as the group he was part of, before such a horrible plan could be put into action.

Because of the relief he felt in being spared from such a fate, King James I of England (IV of Scotland) declared the 5th of November a day of joy; and it has been a tradition that around this time of year, bonfires are lit in that country and Guy Fawkes is burnt in effigy.

In the 19th century, "GUY" came to be a term used for an oddly dressed man. In our own times, "GUY" came to be any man. In the part of the world I live in, the horrid term has come to mean "ANYONE," Whether a group of men, a group of women, or a mixed group of both! I find this just as horrible as I find Guy Fawkes.
"The discovery of the Gunpowder Plot" by Henry Perronet Briggs circa 1823, courtesy Wikipedia

It is hard, when it becomes so frequent in the culture that surrounds us, to change a term such as this. I find it especially strange that ladies do not object when they are called "GUYS" by someone. I find it sad that many women use this term when with other ladies, not by design but because they have come into the habit of it.

Therefore, I would like to plead, that we remember this day as a day when we NO LONGER use the term "GUY" to refer to anybody (unless that is their proper name) and start using
and "Ma'am"
or "Miss"
or "Fellow"
or "Lad"
or "Lass"
and when addressing groups, "LADIES" or "GENTLEMEN."
or "Friends" or (when in Rome) "Romans," or "Fellow Countrymen."

If one finds that too difficult to do, at least replace "Hi guys" with "Hi, You All" and if you must, you can take the Southern way and say "Y'all" for it sounds a lot nicer, and is very easy to say if you open your mouth just right. 

If it helps, remember who "GUY" was and disassociate yourself and your friends from him!

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