Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Inspiration

Every year, a local home improvement store puts up a grand Christmas tree display. Their trees are chock-full of ornaments (because of course they are trying to sell them!) and loaded with fun things.  I like to go and look at the unusual items that they put in the trees: "the more you look, the more you see!" I was so impressed with last year's display, and wished I could have taken pictures. This year I plucked up the courage to ask if I may take some photos, and was graciously given permission.
I don't have the best camera, and had a limited amount of time the day I did this, so please pardon any blurry pictures!
Scroll down to see just some of the themed trees that are on display there. There's an "at the lake" tree towards the end of the post, too!

 This tree is striking: full of sparkling snowflakes, dripping with icy snowflakes, and touches of blue. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a black tree (the first time I have ever seen one). It provides a contrast and really sets off the ornaments.

This tree is full of soft red-and-white felt ornaments

 This tree is a full of plaid ornaments and set in a terrific sleigh for display!
 I'm partial to plaids. This tree had beautiful blown-glass ornaments, both sparkly and shiny,  glittering lanterns, golden bells and bows, and poinsettias at the top.

I like the new take on the candy cane stripes!

 A "Nutcracker" tree with the traditional nutcracker and all his relatives.
Meet Mr. Nutcracker's cousin, an astronaut from the US, and his other cousin, a sailor.

 A fashionable white tree done in a pink and black "girly" theme. I like the patterned ribbon cascading down the tree.  The tree is full of fashion tags and signs and "fashion doll" ornaments.

 A gleeful "Snowman" tree has something that looks like fourth-of-July sparklers amongst the fabulous bow at the top. Along with mini ice-skates, snowy pine cones, and shiny glass ornaments, are dozens of snowmen of all kinds.

 This red-and-silver tree was interesting, because of all the BIG things in it. GIANT snowflakes, large glittery reindeer, and wreaths are things I would not have thought to put in my tree!

 A music-themed tree is always a favorite, wherever I happen to see one. This one is full of instruments. Something was making music as I walked past, it may have been one of the ornaments!

The Cowboy themed tree in front, and behind it the Sportsman's tree (with a fishing net for the tree skirt).
It was on the Cowboy tree last year that I realized that I could do whatever I wanted when I decorated my tree, even use furniture; they had little wooden step-stools tucked into the tree all around, with horses painted on them, I believe.
Signs are used a lot in these trees, and they fill in the spaces quite well . Some are framed and some not; some have warm sentiments and some amusing sayings. Plain pine cones, big and small, dotting the tree  also make them "authentic."
A little horse-shoe tree sat by the Cowboy tree. 

 The "Welcome to the Lake" tree. I liked this one a lot. The top of the tree sports oars and ribbon; little boats and oars are all around the tree, along with woodland creatures, pine cones, and snowflakes. There are little pairs of snowshoes and even birdhouses tucked in this tree. The wide red ribbon twirls through it all.
One could spend a lot of time looking at all the details of these trees.
Big and small pine cones are behind this eagle ornament.
One of the little snow-shoes.
I liked this glitter bear!
A small camper sits under this tree. Perhaps it is for the mice to sleep in, so they will not stir on Christmas Eve!
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