Sunday, November 14, 2010


By The Pleasant Times Sewing Room Editor Miss Thread

A quick, fun craft are these mini "snowballs."
They are simply yo-yo's that are stuffed. These are doll-sized snowballs, using the instructions here, only starting with very small circles (I used a juice-can lid, about 3" across, to trace my circles). I was able to sew about 2 dozen in one evening.
The scrap bag supplied white fabric for this project in sparkled, tone-on-tone, and textured variations. White felt and an overlay of sparkly net on plain muslin were also used. It was a great way to use small pieces of material that I just didn't want to throw away!
Thinking of the icy blues of glaciers, I did some in blue.

And just for fun, a couple in pink sparkly fabric.

I'm thinking that a few of these strung together to make a garland would be cute around a mini-Christmas tree!

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