Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Bits

Lady Looking at Drawings, 1894

Lady Looking at Drawings, 1894

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Belimbau, Adolfo

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(You ought to see this painting framed with a gold frame and light pink mat! It's beautiful!)

Little Bits of News and Various Thoughts
By The Pleasant Times Reporter, L.

The other day I awoke to the news that there is to be a Royal Wedding. Since the entire world is going to put a lot of pressure on Miss Middleton to live up to their expectations, The Pleasant Times will hop on board: let's hope she starts a new trend for wedding dresses (and a modest one). We are getting so tired of the current style, which has been around too long.

With the holiday season being upon us, and time being scarce, I have been pondering some changes for next year that will help with the time problem:
  Have an earlier Thanksgiving. It is too close to December and makes the Christmas preparations rushed. To my mind, they are two distinct holidays, and we need more time between them. Perhaps we could move Thanksgiving closer to harvest, and not wait until the garden is dead to have a feast.       
  Abolish Daylight Savings Time. People do not like their sleep patterns messed up. (Someone recently told me that when we lost an hour this Autumn when we "fell back" from DST, that he wants the lost hour, to divide up as he pleases: 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, as he needs it.)

Australians should celebrate Christmas in their Wintertime. Why do they have to go along with our time schedule for it? The holiday is best celebrated in the dark, dull, damp winter. No one knows the exact day that Jesus was born, after all.

If you have a fake Christmas tree this year, remember to fluff it up, says our Craft editor Miss Paste. Look at real fir trees and try to imitate the shape with the fake ones. Top branches point up, middle ones out, and bottom ones downward. She advises that you quench the eager desire to decorate, and take the time to fix the tree so that it does not look like it is still crushed up from a box.

If you haven't yet noticed, the Editor has a put a Google Reader feature on the sidebar to note posts that are of interest to her.

There are a few things planned for The Pleasant Times in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.
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