Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Decorated Fellowship Hall for Thanksgiving

When there are such events at a church building such as a potluck or special meal around holiday time, it is nice to have the fellowship area decorated to suit the occasion. This is not easy to do in every case! These kinds of rooms are often very big, decorations and materials for such rooms hard to find, and always there is something one has to "make do" with.

Some of the staff here at The Pleasant Times helped decorate this fellowship room/kitchen for a Thanksgiving themed dinner.

One creative lady did the decorating, with long leafy "vines" in autumn hues. The vines were placed along the windows, the backs of pews, and down the center of the tables.

Some of our "interns" helped us with the buffet tables. The tables were covered in wide paper, taped underneath, and rubber stamped with autumn leaf and pumpkin stamps in autumn colors. This paper table cover was fun to write on: we drew a circle for the punch bowl placement, wrote "desserts" where they were to be placed, etc.

All the tables were placed together "family-style" because of the occasion, and it created a lot of space in the room, so that we were able to have more room to get around the buffet tables. There were not enough tablecloths to cover every table, so in putting the tables together we were able to get them all covered & matching.
Each place had cutlery wrapped in napkins and tied simply with ribbon. 
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