Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just a Trifle

I couldn't let these delicious little pictures go to waste! They are from a magazine subscription cards that fall out of Southern Lady and Tea-Time magazines. If you already have a subscription, and all your friends do, those little showers of cards can be, well, a wee bit annoying. This is a way to "recycle" part of those cards!
I cut the picture out, and placed it over a rubber-stamped strawberry border on a card. The border was colored with crayons (tip: Scarlet is more of a "strawberry-ish" red than just plain red). Something was lacking though...
...the glitter! A glitter border around each picture made them just right.
I made this trifle from the Tea Time magazine a couple years ago- I can tell you it was good. And just looking at these cards makes my mouth water!
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