Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bookcase of the....

Intrigued by an idea from a decorating magazine, I contemplated color-coordinating all the family books in the bookshelves. However, I was loathe to give up my by-subject organization for something silly like that.
Another idea came from a catalog, where I noticed that many of the books had been slip-covered in white paper. It looked really crisp and clean. That is a lot of work for the amount of books we own, though.
Then the thought struck: get out a color-theme of books every so often to put on the coffee table. This serves two purposes: fun for me to decorate with, and it may pull out a long-forgotten book for the family to enjoy. As it turned out, I ended up with an empty corner shelf to use to carry out the plan:

Cheery Summer Yellow is the theme for a while. Will it be changed every week? Or every month? I am not sure yet. I'll wait and see how often it is used.
There are children's books here, "how to" books here, music books, music CD's, magazines, cookbooks, storybooks, photo albums, cards sent in the mail pulled from the letter box, and children's artwork from the "to scrapbook" pile. Anything yellow was a candidate for display!
I'm already looking forward to the next color scheme! Aqua blue, pink, green, red....
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