Friday, July 16, 2010

Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week: Raspberry Cordial
It is a good thing that this event is a week long; I spent most of the past week looking for the gadget that connects my camera to the computer, and after enlisting help from a friend (who opened up the computer desk drawer this morning and find the gadget straightaway... why wasn't it there when I looked?), I am finally able to participate again. I do not know what category a recipe falls into, though!
Here you see farm-fresh raspberries being washed to make Anne's Raspberry Cordial (from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook, and there is one on this page. Please click on the links for the recipe). I made some raspberry juice and canned it, somewhat like making a juice concentrate, to use in the recipe later.
Mash the berries and simmer with sugar, then run through cheesecloth or a strainer.
For clear juice, don't squeeze too much of the pulp in. Personally, I like all of the raspberry goodness I can get so I placed the pulp in clean cotton flannel and twisted and squeezed every bit of the juice out I could. (I am told that the pulp can be used to make a face mask, beneficial for dry skin.)
Out of a flat of raspberries, I was able to can 3 jars of juice. A bit disappointing for all the work, I'll admit. I need to go pick more raspberries! One jar will do for one recipe. No need for labeling this time, as there is no "demon liquor" in my pantry to get mixed up by:)
When you want to make the Cordial, use a jar of the juice, and add the water and lemon as called for. I have also used ginger ale (try Canada Dry) with it to make it even more special. I think Anne would have served it in a pitcher like this one.

Anytime I am canning it looks as if it could be an early "Anne" culinary experience. In this case, for the three little jars of juice I used two large saucepans, 3 large mixing bowls, several utensils and measuring cups, scattered all over the sink and counters. Raspberry juice was dripped all over the kitchen, and splattered all over my dress. I think Marilla would have scolded quite a bit could she have seen me.

As I was writing this post, a delightful package came in the mail from Rebecca of Baker Lane. What a perfect addition to an "Anne" themed recipe post! Though they would have to be "broken in" to many years of kitchen work before I'd wear them to can raspberry juice, they look just like an apron Anne would wear in her Victorian Kitchen to make Cordial!
So old-fashioned and charming!

The next task for the day: Blueberry preservation! Above you see a portion of the 20+ pounds of blueberries picked yesterday. I am flash-freezing them on a baking pan, putting a single layer in the freezer, and then putting the frozen berries into freezer bags so that they will not stick together.
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