Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden Tags

Since we are planting mostly seeds this year, and since the garden plan is so elaborate, I wanted a nice way to identify the crops. I had some scrapbook journal tags that had not been used and had sat in a drawer for a long time, and so decided to sacrifice them to the garden (they weren't really my colors anyway). I put the name of the plant on one side, and the particular variety name on the other. Some were covered in Contact paper, and some in clear packing tape. I feel that the tape worked better, but a good deal of watering and sunshine will be the deciding factor. Yes, I know these will fade, but they work until the seedlings come up and start to identify themselves!

And when those tags are run through, I made my own. Last year's calendar had some wonderful textured paper of a heavier weight.
1. Trace the shape of the tag on the numeral side of the calendar.
2. Write the particular name of plant on that side.
3. Write the name of the crop in large letters on the other side. Cover over with tape or contact paper, and punch a hole and put a string through it.

These can also easily be done using the empty seed packet (if you opened it nicely).

These flap in the breeze, making me wonder if they will do double duty to deter rabbits, seed-stealing birds, and peacocks? No, better not count on it. It is best to plant enough for everyone!
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