Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six Inches Deep in Mud

That is what happened to my favorite outfit. It is my fault entirely, for I should have changed before I went out into the garden. That evil hose enjoys whipping around an staining my clothing when I least expect it. One stain leads to another (and fortunately you cannot see them so well in photographs!), and with the discovery that the fabric is starting to wear out, too, I can no longer wear my favorite jumper anywhere but the garden. I mourn for that fact- since this is the softest garment I have and the perfect pink.

(the back)

I made this "regency jumper" from the Sensibility Regency Gown pattern. I adjusted it quite a bit, and added an invisible zipper instead of buttons. It fit perfectly, and was oh so comfortable.

Jumpers get a bad rap. In my opinion, they are very comfortable and allow for freedom of movement. You can change your blouse to suit your mood (all the ways I am fond of wearing it are shown in these photos). The only reason a jumper would be "frumpy" looking is if it was one of those low-waisted affairs, or if the color was drab and the materials ugly.

With the demise of my favorite, some new dresses were in order. The summer is going by quickly so I needed a very fast dress design to use. I decided not to make another Regency jumper at this time, because I was afraid I would still be bogged down in trying to decipher my specialized adjustments by the time winter rolled around.

But I may regret that... here is the jumper with a blouse I found in a department store that just matched!

These peasant blouses were on clearance, and are perfect for wearing under a jumper. I got one in pink...


...and blue.

I hope you enjoy seeing all my sewing projects!
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