Saturday, July 25, 2009

Messenger Bags from Jeans

Here are some easy bags made out of denim, for boys to collect rocks, sticks, leaves, turtles, etc. out in the yard. When mending day comes, turn those things in the pile that are "too far gone" into something fun! All you have to do is sew up three sides of two squares of material, then turn inside out, and hem down the top. Add a strap and it is good to go!

Messenger bag #1

Made of scraps of denim material. Decorative zig-zag stitch used around edges.

Messenger bag #2

Made of green pants that were beyond repair. Decorative stitches used on the hem. Fingerloop braid used for a strap.

Messenger bag #3

Made from a yoked denim skirt. The yoke was used for the shoulder strap. The belt loops on the strap can be used to hold various useful items such as rope, sheriff's badges, walkie-talkies, Lego devices, and miniature dinosaurs. The large button has a crest on it, to add to the importance of the messenger, as well as keeping the bag securely closed.

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