Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down on the Farm

I enjoyed experimenting with a twin needle on my machine. This fabric was very light weight and lent itself nicely to pin-tucks. As this dress started to go together, I thought it looked so plain! The sleeves made it look even duller. Somebody may not have a problem with it, but I decided it needed a burst of color. I also decided to turn it into a jumper. Here you see this dress in the designing stage. It looks rather awful now, but you have to use your imagination. I decided the material could not support the weight of a pocket, so that element was out. But the border and the trim could stay.

Here is the result! The bodice was lined (as I was going to add sleeves) and so to turn it into a jumper and add trim at the same time, I made my own bias tape and sewed it around the raw edges of the sleeve, and the finished edge of the neckline. No facings this time.

To add the border on the skirt, I cut a section out the skirt bottom, used that section as a pattern to cut the print border, and sewed the border to the skirt and the bottom of the skirt back on.

Here is the jumper with the peasant blouse.

A close-up of the bias edging.

A close-up of the border.

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