Thursday, May 7, 2009

Society News

Reported by Lillibeth

Society around here has either been very dull or very quiet, and I have barely anything to report, except that Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey went to London for their anniversary last month. But as there was not a lot to do there, the trip was only an afternoon one. 

Oh, and it has recently come to my attention that my local area used to be the fight'n-ist town on the river.

Have you been to your local museum lately? 

It is fun to use a program such as "Google Earth" to see places. I think it would be extra fun to have a "Historical Earth" overlay to a program like that, and superimpose old maps showing the way things used to be in a particular spot.  Or, do a "street view" with pictures of the same scene a hundred years ago. It is interesting to go into a museum and  see what was your town looked like a century or more ago, compared to what it is now. "There used to be a mill in that parking lot! I had no idea there was a house there, that stood for three generations- it is just a flat field of hay!" 

I was struck recently by this verse in the book of Zechariah: "Thus saith the LORD of hosts; There shall yet old men and old women dwell in the streets of Jerusalem, and every man with his staff in his hand for very age. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof. (Zec 8:4-5)" Isn't it interesting that the old people and the unborn babies are the ones that society tries to get rid of? And yet God sees the population of elderly and children as a sign of good things. 

As I was looking through some very old issues of The Pleasant Times (15 years old already!), I enjoyed the pleasant memories brought back by the Society pages. I decided that though it may be old news to me, it is new to some of you. So, here is what Society was doing in May 1994:

The church held a Ladies' Day May 5th. The speech was given by Mrs. Sherman and the other Mrs. Sherman read a few short poems and essays. There was a delicious luncheon afterward, consisting of salads, casseroles and desserts. Mrs. Kent made some beautiful pins and handed them out to the ladies. All the ladies looked beautiful in their spring dresses. 

The Shermans paid a call on the Lawsons and just happened to drop in around tea time. Mrs. Lawson served some delicious biscuit and fresh fruit, and various other good things. The tea was delicious and they had a very good time. 

Mrs. Finley is expecting the arrival of her 46th great-grandchild. 

Joe and Lucille have been having some mattress problems. Lucille went and bought a new mattress and Joe did not like it, so he fussed and fumed and griped and complained until she went and exchanged it. When the time came for the new one to be delivered, Joe said "Maybe this one isn't so bad after all," and Lucille said that he'd better keep his mouth shut, and if he didn't like this new one he better start running!

The family of Mrs. Hazel treated her to a picnic by the river on Mother's Day. 

Applications for the Walk and Gawk Society will now be taken. The Walk and Gawk Society is a club in which the members meet once a month to take a walk down a beautiful road or in a pretty neighborhood and gawk at the flowers, architecture, and scenery. Members are required to have a good pair of walking shoes and a cheerful outlook on life even in the foulest weather.  In return, the members will benefit from the fresh air, exercise, and good company. Each month, one of the members will host a walk , and provide some light refreshments at the end. There is no cost to join, and no age limit, as long as you can keep up you can come! The walks will go from June to September. Call the Editor if you are interested. 
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