Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day

Things to do for Mother

Don't have enough money to buy mother a gift this Mother's Day? Or maybe she really doesn't have the room to put one more thing...   

Here are some ideas that all mothers can appreciate, and the only cost is your time:

  • Sort sewing thread in color groups, and match up the bobbins with them. 
  • Tidy up the bookshelf, sort by subject. 
  • Untangle the necklaces from the brooches in her jewelry box. 
  • Organize art supplies, office supllies, or craft and hobby supplies. 
  • Tidy up the silverware drawer, and remember to dust or vacuum it out. 
  • Organize the baking cupboard, line spices up in alphebetical order, put all the cake-baking supplies on one side, with the cupcake liners, the birthday candles, etc. 
  • Organize photos, put into albums or file them. 
  • Get out any drawer that needs tidying (telephone stand drawer, letter writing drawer, etc.) and organize. 
  • Sort DVDs and CDs on a shelf or in a box by alphabetical order. 

Make It Yours. 
  • Take special interest in a particular place, such as the shoes by the back door, and keep it tidy. If family members come in and kick off their boots there, you make it your business to put them in order whenever you pass by. 
  • Make it your job to take over some part of the housekeeping, such as dusting, or sweeping, etc. 
  • Keep your eye outside for things you can do to keep the place tidy, such as put tools away whenever you see them out, roll the hose back up, pick up trash, etc. 
Make It Yourself. 
  • Make a special scrapbook out of paper bound with ribbon (punch holes in the end and thread ribbon through, then tie). This is for Mother to put her cards in, the little crafts and paper pictures that children give her, etc. 
  • This Autumn, plant bulbs or flower seeds that will come up around May, and gather a "free" bouquet for mother, or leave it in the garden to beautify the yard. 
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