Thursday, May 7, 2009

Make a Mother's Day Fan Card

By Miss Paste, Crafts Editor

This fan card is very easy to make, and it can be done simply, as I have shown here, or made more elaborate with high-quality stickers, trims, and glitters. 

You will need: Card stock, rubber stamps and ink pads, ribbon, glitter glue or t-shirt paint.

Step one:
On a piece of card stock, place a large dinner plate. The plate should be half on and half off of the card stock. Trace around half of the plate. 

Step two:
Cut out the half-circle, and fold it in half. Now take a ruler and mark lines, as above, to make the fan slats. 

Step three:
Rubber stamp each fan section. To make it look more like separate fan slats, you can lay a sheet of paper over each section and stamp as seen above, if desired. My fan was stamped in three different colors. To make some colors less strong than others, stamp in the ink, then on a separate paper, and then on your project. 

Step four:
Add a scallop, if desired, by tracing something small and round, such as salt shaker, a bottle cap, etc. I found a roll of tape for my scallops. Cut around the scallops, through both layers of the card. 

Step five:

Outline the fan with glitter glue or t-shirt paint. Punch a small hole in the front part of the card, and thread ribbon through and tie in a bow. This fan would look pretty in a fancy paper, with cameos on each slat, with a real tassel instead of a ribbon, etc. etc. etc. 
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