Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Mothers

Playing with the Puppies
Playing with the Puppies Giclee Print
Eberle, Adolf
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Some may say "My mother is crazy," lightly as if in disdain. But no wonder your mother seems crazy. The doorbell rings at the same time that the telephone rings, and little Susie wants to know where her shoes are, and brother Johnny needs help with his schoolwork. Only Mother knows the answers, and only mother will be able to figure out why the baby is fussing. While she is listening to everyone and taking care of them (and all in the space of five minutes), she is also putting the dog outside, and keeping watch on the pot over the stove so that it will not burn, and formulating plans for the next load of laundry and how much time she has before Father comes home. If you could make your mind work in ten different directions at once, you might deserve a little brain vacation, too.
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