Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yet Another Tea Cup!

Unwrapping my birthday gift from my mother, I found this sweet tea-cup and saucer:

This is called a "crinoline lady." Below is the back:The saucer is not the same china company or pattern, but a close enough match to make a set. However, my mother and I decided to rummage through her stack of lonely saucers that she has collected over the years from Goodwill and see what else we could match the tea cup with.
I like this pink one a lot! I think a light blue one in the same pattern may be a pretty match.

Voila! We found one from the same company!

My mother told me that she got up to the cash register at Goodwill and the cup and saucer came to $2.98. "Shouldn't this be 99 cents?" she complained. A lady behind her whispered to her, "Oh, but it's a collector's item, and that is why it is higher. May I see the bottom?" And I thought my $5.00 teacup was a bargain.

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