Monday, July 14, 2008

Scrapbooks & such

I just loved these papers I purchased at a local scrapbook shop. I am always on the lookout for things that remind me of "Victorian" style, and though these were not really "Victorian," they had some sweet colors and design elements. Baskets of roses, a pretty rose and stripe border, and all in pretty pastel colors, all reminded me of my favorite "Victorian" things.

The coordinating papers made it a lot of fun to customize cards for my friends, and I also enjoyed the punch-out tags and embellishments.

While visiting a museum on a recent trip, I spotted these Victorian-era scrapbook pages:

It looks as if someone was a post card collector! My favorite kind of "scrapbooking" is using pretty scraps of cards, notes, papers, etc. that people have given me. I like to save pretty embossed cards, pictures of dresses I like in magazines, houses that appeal to me, and party and wedding favors. Anything that can be flattened and glued in will be so! So my personal scrapbook looks something like the ones above. I modeled mine after my great-aunt's scrapbook, which I found in her attic one Summer day. She had newspaper clippings of interest, and a pretty flowers, and a picture of a house with a house plan that she liked.

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