Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Play that little piece of Kalkbrenner's....

For those of you familiar with the movie "Wives and Daughters," you may remember the time that Molly was urged to "play that little piece of Kalkbrenner's..." by her stepmother. I thought the piano piece was very beautiful, and spent I don't know how many fruitless hours trying to find some kind of sheet music by Kalkbrenner, hoping to stumble across THE song.

Friedrich Kalkbrenner was a contemporary with Chopin and apparently wrote an abundance of music, which I could not find. However, I need not have fussed over it, for I had the music in my shelf long before I had ever heard of Molly or Kalkbrenner.

It is called "Nocturne" # 5 in b flat major by John Field, and probably a better music student than I would have known that. I have passed this piece of music up for at least fifteen years, thumbing around in a favorite music book for other pieces to play. For some reason or another, I never wanted to try it. Out of boredom with my other songs, I decided to sound this one out. I was so tickled and it is a beautiful and not too difficult piece to play. The link above is to a free PDF download. Enjoy!

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