Monday, December 3, 2007

More that Glitters

Here are some more of my mother's glittery crafts for the season, and a little innovation of my own.
My mother traced around an old-fashioned key she had, to come up with a pattern for this cardboard glitter key for the tree.
As usual, she painted on glitter glue first, then sprinkled large glitter over that for extra sparkle. After that she sprinkled on fine glitter to fill in the gaps.

It really adds shine to the tree.

No, this is not a tarantula that fell into the glitter, it is a little chandelier made using tinsel pipe cleaners. My mother likes chandeliers, so I made shaped a little one for her while watching the Three Tenors rerun last night.

It is basically six pieces of pipe cleaner shaped into some curlicue "C" shapes, and joined by twisting another pipe cleaner around the middles. Someone could get really fancy with this by adding crystal-cut beads to the ends.

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