Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Even More that Glitters

Mrs. Lydia Sherman has contributed so many glittery craft ideas to The Pleasant Times, that we are going to give her our "trash craft" award. We ought to go out and buy her a bottle of glitter glue for a prize, but we are too cheap, so we are honoring her with the title of "Craft Editor." Keep watching for her new book, "Stuff I made with Garbage," which she is being urged by her family to print.

Here are tonight's ideas:

The Egg Carton Jingle Bell, with pipe cleaner hanger;

The Egg Carton Cowboy hat, painted with sliver glitter glue and then sprinkled with big silver glitter and fine glitter. (Editor's Note: Make sure to wash your hands after dealing with egg cartons, and paint them thoroughly.)

And the last trash craft for the night..... (drumroll)....

A coffee-cup sleeve turned into a glittering crown for the Christmas tree. This picture does not show it well, but the white is actually all fine glitter, with silver glitter glue "diamonds."

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