Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cards part 2

Here are some of the other materials I assembled to make cards. There are clippings from rose catalogs, advertisements, bits and pieces from quilt magazines and other magazines.

Above is the clipping I got from the Gooseberry Patch catalog. I really admire their product drawings but it was hard to get one that worked well for card making. I layered this one on various pastel papers.

Using the idea of the gift bag from my mother's blog, I got this background for an old-fashioned postcard I found in the Reminisce magazine.

This heart was from a quilting magazine, and it is mounted over a bit of a doily. The little key is an embossed rubber stamp image.

This is a picture from a rose nursery catalog on the left, with a rubber stamp heart and a sticker.

This is a piece of clip art, and the heart is a rubber stamped image on silver cardboard, embossed in white.

Another piece of clip art, mounted on a couple layers of pastel paper.

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