Saturday, December 29, 2007

Card Ideas part one: Dress Cards

Here are some cards that were made for Christmas gifts this year, and at last I may show my readers! First are the little dress cards, which I feel are my own little troupe of people!
They are not made of fabric at all, but cut out of a dress catalog called "The Wooden Soldier." I have admired the dresses from this company for years, and this is the first time it occurred to me that I could have any (or all!) of them, in a smaller sort of way! The catalog is perfect for creating this little cards, as there are few real models, and the dresses are against solid backgrounds (no cutting off someone's head!). This could work with a variety of catalogs, but I happen to think that this particular one had the perfect sized dresses for my purpose. Ladies' dresses nowadays are so tall and narrow, whereas little girls dresses still have all the lovely "poufy" skirts, and they make a great card!
I cut around the dresses I liked, and used double-sided tape around the bodice, sleeves, and edges of the skirt. Liquid glue tends to wrinkle up magazine-weight paper, but perhaps a glue stick would work. Before I added the dresses to the cards, I folded up a bit of tissue paper and taped it in the skirt area, and pressed the whole thing onto the card. This makes the skirt stand out a little and have a swishy sound.

It was fun to trim the little dresses with glitter glue. Buttons, buckles, rhinestones, necklines, sleeves, hemlines, flowers, etc. were great opportunities for glitter.

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