Monday, November 26, 2007

A Paper Chandelier

This glittery chandelier was made by my mother, Mrs. Sherman, for her Christmas decor. This would be nice on a Christmas tree or just a sparkly winter ornament to cheer up gloomy days.Mrs. Sherman will allow the public to copy this original chandelier pattern, as long as you make it your own by changing the pattern slightly (put the bumps in different places!)

Here are the materials: glue, glitter glue, large glitter and gold glitter.

Using the edge of a piece of paper, the pattern is drawn and cut out.

The pattern is then is traced on a folded cardstock for a pattern, and cut out. Make three of these from cardboard cereal boxes or from poster paper. It has to be heavier than cardstock, but cardstock will do. This one is 5 and a half inches high and 5 and a half inches across. You can make whatever size you want, and you can make it more simple, if you like. For example, maybe just make it curved with no humps in it. Cut three from poster paper or heavy cardstock, or some kind of box of the same weight as cereal box, and glue them together back to back to make three "arms."

Here is what it looks like with the three pieces glued together.

Spread the silver glitter glue (with a paint brush) on the chandelier, leaving the "candle tips" bare. Shake silver glitter over the glitter glue. These two coats of glitter really make it sparkle!

Paint the tips of the arms with gold glitter glue to imitate the lights. Use the silver glitter glue over the edges of the paper to finish up. To dry, place in a jar like this. Punch a hole in the top and tie a thread or glittery string through it for hanging.

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