Friday, July 22, 2022

Working Indoors

I have so many sunset photos on here, but rarely dawn. So here's one for you. 

The day brought snow, however. 

It was nice to work indoors on snowy days!

With the drywall up some of the echo came back, but it did reflect the winter light and brighten things up.  It was easy to imagine how nice it was going to be to live here during the winter. 

This interesting shot shows what is underneath one of the bathrooms. There was supposed to be a laundry chute up there somewhere. Sigh. 

The blue or green drywall boards have to do with waterproofing. This wall is the washer/laundry tub area. All of the plumbing is going to be hidden by cabinetry, so that it is in the conditioned space rather than between the wall.  

There were of course some late nights working up at the house, but admittedly it was so much better than it used to be. We were no longer in the days of spending the evening there working only lit by a few shop lights. Those days of no windows to block the wind blowing in, the rain dripping through the ceiling, and kids huddling around a propane heater waiting to go home. We were making progress. 

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