Monday, September 27, 2021

Escaping again...and don't do this

 One more attempt to get away from the smoke that year, and I should have just stayed away until winter! No wait- until Spring. Yes, that would have worked.

(everyone Oregonian needs yet another photo of Heceta Head Lighthouse!)

To the coast it was. I think we should admit defeat and build a summer cottage there, don't you?

While I was over in the clean air regions, an old friend invited me to come and harvest her huge tomato garden patch before it rained. Sure, I was up to that! Standing on my feet all day harvesting and then cutting and freezing ALL those tomatoes...

Harvest makes me do crazy things. At least I wasn't canning them, which would have taken longer.

While I was gone, I looked around my favorite hardware store, dreaming of lights and doors...

But the crazy thing I did here was not to bring home a chandelier too soon. No, it was to buy tile for the bathroom. It was a penny cheaper than at our local store at home, and had trim options. 

As it turns out, the tile was a. the wrong shade of white (this "shade of white" tile selection process would be the bane of my existence for a loooong time), b. it was not enough (we changed the design a short time after I bought it), and c. it was almost winter and the chances that we would be coming back over the mountains to return this load of tle within the allowed time frame were ZILCH. 

Wouldn't you know it, a few months later our local store brought it the SAME tiles with the TRIM in just the right shade of white and for a good price. You will hear more about that later!  

So my advice is, at least be cautious buying things in other states/counties/regions. If possible, don't do it! Tile isn't that easy to resell. But if you had a tiny bathroom shower to tile, and need some off-white tiles, let me know, we still have them around!

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