Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheap Thrills

My Fifty Cent Hair Clip

 The local Dollar Tree was selling these hair clips for a while, 2/$1.00. They were really a nice shape and worked well on my hair, only the "jewels" came off too easily. With a good bottle of some sort of special glue (borrowed from the scale-model-maker next door) I was able to glue the cheap little gems back on. I found other glues did not work very well; and this one worked a little better than the others.

But one does not have to do that; using one's craft stash, one can instead try these variations:
 Using a barrette "blank" from the craft stash, you can make up your own customized barrette, arranging the jewels as you like them.

What to do with the empty dollar store clip, though?
 Maybe it would look better with pink roses! Doesn't everything?
 Mauve-Pink ribbon roses glued on in place of the gems. That is .50 cents for a craft project! The ribbon roses were in my stash and cost me nothing, because...
They were free:)
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